Samson Controls, Inc.

Samson Controls, Inc.
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Joe Ferraro

SAMSON, a market leader in control valves for industrial processes, has been successful in instrumentation and controls for over 100 years. Numerous inventions and innovative solutions guarantee SAMSON’s constant growth and on-going success. Outstanding inventions include the metal bellows as a reliable dynamic seal and integral positioner attachment for increased reliability and safety.

SAMSON manufactures control valves, butterfly valves, and modular automation units for use in all areas of process engineering as well as self-operated regulators for simple control systems with a constant reference variable. Sophisticated transmitters, controllers, and automated systems are also part of the SAMSON product range.

Solutions from the SAM DIGITAL product line have been added for smart networking of components and systems in process automation to take on the challenges posed by the growing digitization.

Together with the SAMSON subsidiaries AIR TORQUE, CERA SYSTEM, KT-ELEKTRONIK, LEUSCH, PFEIFFER, PRECOGNIZE, RINGO, SED, STARLINE, UBIX, VDH PRODUCTS, and VETEC, SAMSON offers a product portfolio to meet all industrial process requirements.

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Markham, ON, L3R 5J7, Canada