Job Postings

Information for Postings

CBS would like to help promote your boiler industry related job openings to our members and affiliates across the country. Please see the requirements:

  • Must be a  Member in good standing to post a job ad
  • Job position must be related to the boiler industry
  • The job posting will be available for 30 days
  • CBS reserves the right to decline or remove any job posting if it conflicts with our business standards.

Job Postings are expected to follow these general guidelines:

  • Advertise for one position per job ad
  • Clarify the location of your open job
  • Specific job title for the position
  • Informative job description
  • Neutral, unbiased language

To post online, please email with a .pdf or weblink of the job posting. Most postings are online within 2 business days.