Vulcan Greenhouse Technology Inc.

Vulcan Greenhouse Technology Inc.
Member Representative
Patrick Voortman

VulcanGT is a full service company specialized in the greenhouse heating sector. VulcanGT is owned and operated by Patrick Voortman. While we have a new name, we are still the familiar team that has been servicing your heating systems the last decade. With more then 20 years of experience in the boiler and burner maintenance we take care of all of your service needs.

Our scope of Products includes the following:
Service and installation of European Gas and Oil boilers/burners
Service on North American(hot water or steam) boilers and burners
CO2 installation systems
CO monitor for CO2 protection
Retrofit combustion systems to Low Nox
Retrofit of gas train and burner controls
Flue gas condensors
Solid fuel boilers (fluidized bed boilers)
Gas line installation (MDPE Poly pipe / Steel pipe)
Boiler refractory / boiler retubing
Syn gas systems (LPG/Air mix)

231 Road 4 W.
Kingsville, ON N9Y 2E5
(519) 962-9104