BPV Inspection and CRN Number Wait Times

CBS addresses the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services to raise concerns our members are experiencing with boiler and pressure vessel (BPV) inspection wait times, as well as Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) issue timelines. The letter can be viewed online here.

CBS supports development of a new ORD and Standard

The Canadian Boiler Society worked closely with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to draw attention to the need of Underwriters Laboratories of Canada to develop and publish an Industrial and Commercial Gas-fired Boiler ORD, and in addition a subsequent Bi-National Standard for Canada and the US by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standards. CBS sent a letter to Interprovincial Gas Advisory Council (IGAC) in support of the development of a new ORD and Standard. It is CBS’ position that it is critical to have a National Standard in Canada for Industrial and Commercial Gas-Fired Package Boilers. These new documents will also allow for new technology to be incorporated into packaged boilers validated by laboratory based testing and evaluation. The letter can be viewed here